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Businesses that invest in Forest Lake are easily able to attract top talent to their companies.  This is because of Forest Lake’s unique location just north of 35E/35W.  This location allows employers to attract talent from both Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Western Wisconsin, and Central Minnesota. Something few other communities can accomplish.


In addition to its unique location, the City of Forest Lake is also committed to providing those who choose to invest in Forest Lake with access to a strong well educated, and trained workforce.  Currently, over 65 percent of the residents have obtained post-high school education.  In order to ensure the talent pool remains strong, the city has partnered with the Forest Lake School district to provide employers apprentice opportunities at their location ensuring that not only today’s workforce needs are met but also providing a pipeline for future talent as well.


The ability to attract and retain a strong workforce is just one of many reasons so many businesses choose to invest in Forest Lake.


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